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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

Zap Super-Fast Browser is a web browser created under the Chromium open source project. This project, sponsored by Google, shares with other developers the code used to build the Google Chrome Browser. The developers can modify the code as they want, and publish their work, without paying anything.
Safe Web Products developed this browser, trying to offer the users of their services a faster browser, that will let them use the products they offer more comfortably. Zap Super-Fast Browser will import the home page from your default browser and will allow you to perform searches directly from the address bar. The browser will include a direct access to Safe Web Products in the upper left zone of the screen, labeled "Fun Icon". By clicking on this link you will have access to a page that will let you use "my Web Tattoo" (a site that will let you use some images in your web site), "my Tattoons" (that will let you create your own Tattoos), "My Fun Wallpaper" (that will let you download and use images as your wallpaper), and "Incredible Screensavers", (that gives you access to several screensavers).


  • It is free, and offers access to free services.


  • It is very outdated, and some features are not supported anymore, like posting some tattoos to iGoogle.

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    Ram 4 months ago

    I need Super-Fast Browser.


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